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It is now possible to advertise on planetFear. Adverts can take three forms - the standard banner (728 x 90 pixels, JPEG, GIF or SWF), which appears on the masthead of the site; advertorials, which comprise your choice of text, images and videos made into a news style article within the editorial content, linked from the front page slideshow which displays all the newest content; and newsletter insertions, which go out to our database of over 30,000 outdoor enthusiasts.


What planetFear can offer you

planetFear's users are predominantly graduates who have a strong interest in adventure sports and equipment.  Online sales show males and females of all ages and backgrounds using the site daily. 

planetFear's customers are informed and active bikers, runners, climbers and skiiers, based mainly in the UK.  planetFear also appeals strongly to aspirational outdoor enthusiasts in inner-city areas.

  • Over 30,000 newsletter subscribers and growing daily
  • Average monthly unique users in 2011 to date = 51,000+
  • Average monthly visits in 2011 to date = 107,000+
  • Average monthly page views in 2011 to date = 1,498,895

With a rapidly growing readership and newsletter database and a continuing increase in online sales now is the time to get your product or service in front of your target customer.



Banners are available in batches of 50,000 page impressions at a time. They are located prominently in the black ‘masthead' at the top of the site. Banners will be displayed randomly on all the pages seen by visitors to the site. This is important given planetFear's vast archive which is regularly visited for reference.  As banners are displayed at random it is not always possible to view your banner ‘live', but be assured that someone somewhere on the site will be viewing it.

The price for a batch of 50,000 impressions is £50, i.e 0.1p per impression.  Although a small amount you can expect a batch of 50,000 to last for around 1 month depending on the time of year and how many other banners are running concurrently. 

Banner sizes: Masthead banners should be supplied in the below formats of size 728 x 90 pixels, landscape with a destination click-through URL:

  • JPEG - maximum 50kb
  • BMP - maximum 50kb
  • Animated GIF - maximum 50kb
  • SWF (does not support sound or rollover actions) - maximum 150kb

Banner Tips:  To get the most from your banners consider the following:

  • Include a call to action i.e. 'click to test'
  • Stress your Unique Selling Point clearly
  • Direct customers to a URL specific to your ad
  • Include vibrant images of your brand and product/technology/service
  • If submitting an animated banner, limit the amount of frames to around 5



Advertorials provide arguably a more authoritative presence on the site, being situated amongst the news stories and paid-for content the site is respected for. Content-rich, advertorials are formatted like a news story, and can comprise text, images and embedded video (hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, for example).  They can remain active for a specific period, and stay in the pF archive forever at no additional cost. Advertorials provide a way of advertising which is much more accessible to search engines than traditional banners, and by linking an advertorial on planetFear back to your own website, you will help increase your site's page ranking and SEO.

The price for an advertorial is £300 if all text and images are supplied and usable without significant editorial work. Alternatively, images and text - even video - can be created by planetFear, please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can provide an accurate quote.

Advertorial sizes: Slideshow images should be supplied in JPEG or PNG format at 525 x 310 pixels, landscape.  Again, planetFear can create a slide to your requirments if desired.



We send the planetFear newsletter out weekly to over 30,000 subscribers. For £200, we are able to provide a small advert which can include one image, a short paragraph of text, and a weblink. planetFear newsletter ads are situated alongside trusted, high quality editorial, attracting great click through rates.

For more newsletter space or sponsorship of the newsletter for a period of time, please contact us.


We go further...for free!

In addition to the above advertising options planetFear offers social media updates and media interlinking in order to make sure that your campaign creates as much impact as possible and reaches all of the right people at the right time - all included at no extra cost.



planetFear competitions are a great free way of promoting a new product or technology and attract a huge amount of interest and participation from our readers.  Competitions are totally free (we only ask that you provide prizes) and are promoted extensively across the site and externally via banners, newsletter and social media platforms.



  • Masthead banners = £50.00 per batch of 50,000 impressions, i.e 0.1p per impression
  • Newsletter insertions = £200.00
  • Advertorial = £300.00 supplied or contact to discuss options
  • Course entry (includes newsletter insertion) = 10% commission
  • Competition entry = Free
  • Facebook and Twitter updates = Free


Contact Details

To display your banner on planetFear or to discuss advertising opportunities please contact James Swann on 01524 599738 or email

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