Brand Profile- Haglöfs

Article by planetFear
Friday 2nd October 2009

Haglöfs was founded in 1914 by Victor Haglöf in Dalarna, Sweden. He began manufacturing backpacks, which he then sold to the local farmers and forest folk. He cycled out to see his customers and embarked upon an exciting adventure. Outstanding Outdoor Equipment for SEK 0.90 (£0.08): and the rest as they say is history.

In 1989 the modern Haglöfs began to take shape, and in 1993 Haglöfs launched the now legendry Tight backpack. Over the years Haglöfs have slowly expanded into new European markets and now supplies most of Europe. In 2008 Haglöfs launched its footwear range, and made major changes to logistics and environmental sustainability issues. The millionth Tight backpack was sold.

The Haglöfs business concept is to offer a responsible brand which meets modern day demands for products offering a high level of functionality, good design and value for money for people who invest in an active outdoor life. The products themselves strive to offer the optimum in comfort, so a lot of care is taken in fabric development, and construction. 

There are now around 500 products in the Haglöfs range among them some now famous award winners. The ultra-lightweight OZ pullover won Gold in the 2006 OutDoor Industry awards, and the Spitz Jacket won the ISPO outdoor award in 2007. Most recently the Haglöfs Grym hiking boot won best Scandinavian product for its innovative use of SuperfabricTM in creating a very light yet highly durable boot.

Haglöfs have a network of ‘Friends' whom they sponsor for various activities. Haglöfs rely heavily on these friends to supply product feedback and aid development of new fabrics and styles. In the UK our sponsored friends come from a variety of backgrounds, skiers, climbers, guides and runners. We will introduce them, and the role they fulfil in a later article on Planet Fear.

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