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Article by Gary Westwell
Tuesday 29th December 2009

Over the years, here at planetFear we have bought, used, tested and reviewed masses of outdoor clothing and equipment. We have seen massively hyped products fail, and we have seen ‘next big things' actually do everything they promise to do. We have recently been made aware of a new fabric that arguably claims to do something that no other product has done before: the manufacturers claim that by wearing the product your body will work better on a fundamental level. The implications of this for all adventure sports are obvious: wearing this stuff should make you better at your sport.

Accapi Nexus planetFear 

Italian baselayer and sock manufacturers Accapi have established exclusive use of a crazy Japanese technology that sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. By combining Platinum, Aluminium and Titanium in a fibre, the inventors have created a fabric called Nexus that actually emits natural infra-red rays. When manufactured into clothing, the effect of wearing the finished products is startling. The two main benefits are improved circulation and more effective cellular hydration. Improving the circulation means that muscles are supplied with blood faster, but also toxins such as lactic acid are carried away quicker. Better circulation also improves thermoregulation, helping to smooth out the effects of extremes of temperature. Improved cellular hydration is effectively ‘smart' hydration, with water being absorbed more easily at a level where it is most useful, resulting in less wastage.

Accapi Men's Baselayer Top

Accapi have made the Nexus fabric into four types of product, clothing, socks, joint supports and water bottle covers. The individual products are specified to help the wearer during the various phases of their active life, ie training, performing, recovery, sleeping and freetime.

Accapi Ankle Support

When I first heard all this, as a cynical buyer of outdoor clothing who had heard extravagant claims before, I was intrigued at the possibilities but sceptical of the reality. Having read some initial reports from early users of the stuff however, it seems that Nexus really does work. These testimonials are not the usual hollow endorsements by sponsored heroes, but detailed explanations of just what the various Accapi products have done for each individual's performance. The calibre of the names and the conviction with which they write adds credibility to the possibility that this might actually be the biggest revolution in performance clothing since the introduction of breathable fabric. I have put some copies of the testimonials at the end of this article, so you can see what you think for yourself. There is even Simone Moro, the head of The North Face's sponsored athlete program, extolling the virtues of another brand's products. I understand he is so impressed with Accapi Nexus that he has a clause in his TNF contract allowing him to use Accapi baselayer instead of TNF stuff!

Accapi Nexus planetFear

So, here at planetFear, we feel it is important to give Accapi Nexus a go. Anything that means an individual will get more out of their chosen activity without any negative implications has got to be a positive thing, so we havejust taken delivery of a reasonable quantity of Accapi product. Some of it is going straight out to an army of testers and reviewers, and some of it will be made available for immediate sale. If you think Accapi Nexus could help your performance, and want to give it a go, check out the range here, buy an item or two, and let us know what you think. It's not cheap, but it seriously could be the best investment in outdoor kit that you ever make. If you buy some in January, try it out and let everyone know what you think by putting an objective review on the site, we will email you a discount code against future purchases to the value of 20% of the amount you spent on Accapi. That way, people don't just have to take out word for it.

Great British Cycling Team, users of Accapi Nexus

Accapi Nexus Testimonials 2009

BARRY JAMESON - European Triathlon Champion 2009

8th Dec '09

Whilst competing in Australia at the World Triathlon Championships in September 2009 I suffered a severe ruptured Achilles Tendon. After several weeks in plaster, the prognosis was not positive and my orthopaedic consultant said ‘I wouldn't be able to run again or compete at a high International Level'.

After listening to a promotion talk on the Accapi products I came away rather sceptical but agreed to try the Accapi Body Guard Pro Ankle Band. Within a few hours I experienced immediate healing qualities and I commenced light training the next day. Now two weeks on, I am training between 2 and 3 hours per day. This includes swimming, cycling and gym training. ‘Amazing results in such a short time'

I am recommending the Accapi products to all athletes with an injury problem and now also use the Accapi Nexus Pro T-Shirt for training and the Nexus Action T-shirt for recovery.

World Triathlon Champion 2008

European Triathlon Champion 2009

National Triathlon Champion 2009

National Triathlon Champion 7 times 1993 - 2009

World Duathlon Champion 2003

European Duathlon Champion 2009

National Duathlon Champion 2009

National Duathlon Champion 4 times 2001 - 2009

Multiple winner of Age Group Events in the last 15 years and always finished in top 3


Andrew Mitchell - Climber.

I have been suffering (and so have the rest of my family as I have not been able to climb!) from a soft tissue injury in my elbow for several months. I have been to see various specialists and have been having regular physio sessions but have not felt any improvement what so ever. I have been wearing the Accapi elbow body guard for about three weeks and have felt a significant difference in that my elbow is no longer painful and I am at last able to climb. I would not think of climbing without them on now I can't explain how or why they work only that they do and the only down side is that they make me look like Kendo Nagasaki the 70's wrestler! But the benefits are well worth it - I have to say I am very impressed!


Richard Simpson - Professional Climber

I first became aware of Accapi products when one of my all time heroes, Martin Lel, was reported using them on his water bottle whilst coming home first in London's 2008 marathon. Since then I have heard various rumours of world class athletes using these products to great effect. Therefore, naturally, I was rather excited to be handed some Accapi products to test extensively - Pro Shirt, Action Shirt and Photonizer - and experience the reported benefits of using these products first hand!

As a professional athlete in a transition period - moving from boxing/running to alpinism - my current training plan consists of all round conditioning in order to prepare my body for more specific ‘alpine' training in January/February. These plans coincided well with the trial of the Accapi products in that they allowed me to try out the products in a variety of training activities ranging from aerobic training to strength recruitment during a standard conditioning week. This conditioning week consists of no individually demanding session, but accumulates to be a long, hard week overall. Furthermore, by completing a cycle which is well known to me, I would be able to monitor any benefits offered to me by incorporating the Accapi products.

After completing my conditioning week whilst incorporating the Accapi products, I noticed the following benefits:


Whilst completing my running training on a Tues and Thurs night (consisting of 6 sets of 800 meters, run at 80% maximum with three minutes rest between each set) I noticed a reduction in my average heart rate of 7 beats per minute throughout the session; my heart rate rose to a maximum 192 beats per minute, and averaged 172 bpm throughout. This is a significant improvement on the four randomly picked sessions completed throughout the past training year where my maximum heart rate reached 201 bpm and overall average heart rate was 179 bpm. These results are of further significance due to the fact that I am not actually in fantastic shape at the moment, having recently recovered from a back injury which hindered my training in the months of September/October. Therefore, I expected my heart rate to be higher than that of previous sessions where I was in ‘good' shape!



Overall, throughout the training week I noticed a significant reduction in muscle stiffness/ soreness and an increase in recovery time. After wearing the pyjamas at night I awoke feeling fresh and suffering from relatively minor muscle soreness; this is significant in comparison to other occasions whereby I completed the same training sessions the night before, and awoke with fairly major muscle soreness. Moreover, my energy levels felt higher and I had a better sense of wellbeing; similar to how I'd expect to feel having rested


the previous day - which of course I hadn't! These benefits were apparent throughout the whole of the training week, allowing a more productive cycle of training, thus further increasing my athletic confidence.



Lastly, the impressive levels of wicking and heat regulation were noticeable whilst out running in the Pro Shirt! It was a windy day; one where I'd usually expect to put on my windproof to prevent losing core temperature. However, the way the shirt absorbs sweat without retaining it (thus moving sweat away from the body) meant I was able to stay warm and comfortable throughout the run!


Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the products Accapi has to offer: the alleviation of muscle soreness and increased recovery times are noticeable within a day or so of using the products. The reduction in heart rate, although more scientific, is noticeable and something which I would further like to test during the winter training season. The above, combined with a comfortable, practical product, makes Accapi most desirable.


Alan Copland - One life Racing - 2009 North East Regional Grand Prix - Winner & North East Sprint.

"After struggling for a few weeks with a sore patella tendon after running it was suggested that I try a knee guard from Accapi in the new Nexus ES fibre. I was surprised at just how quickly I began to see the results. After just a few hours the discomfort had subsided considerably and when I used it over a period of time in conjunction with pre and post training stretching and applying ice post activity the discomfort all but disappeared. I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone who has experienced knee pain or discomfort through training or racing and will continue to use it myself as part of my post activity recovery programme"

Northumberland Triathlon & National Age Group Championships Olympic Distance - age group Winner & National Champion 2009 North East Regional Grand Prix - Winner & North East Sprint Distance Champion

2008 North East Regional Grand Prix - Winner & North East Olympic Distance Champion Strathclyde sprint triathlon & GB championships - 2nd overall, Winner & Gold medalist 35-39 age group


Paul Pickering - Editor UK Adventure Sport

I've been out the country for the last two weeks competing in the World Adventure Racing Championships. I tested a short sleeve Pro T-shirt and 3/4 length Pro trousers during the race. I wore the top under a base layer for the first two days of the race and was really impressed. My support crew managed to wash the top and I wore this again, along with the trousers for post race recovery. We ran, biked, kayaked, climbed, roller bladed over 550km non-stop over 5days which obviously takes a lot out of you! Post race recovery using Accapi has been brilliant, thank you.


Simon Gandolfi - ACCAPI Performs Miracles. Published by HarperCollins, OLD MAN ON A BIKE recounts septuagenarian Simon Gandolfi's ride on a small Honda from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego. Gandolfi is a regular contributor to The Guardian and The Times. Both MCN and the British Airways in-flight magazine, High Life, will cover this winter's five month ride round India.

I got run down by a truck in Argentinean Tierra del Fuego last year while riding my Honda 125 and suffered a broken ankle. A one legged orthopaedic surgeon set the ankle in the kitchen of a small hotel. I have worn an Accapi support for the past month and am free from pain for the first time since the smash.


Bjorn Arne Evensen" 12 days in Nexus Socks

I am a 42 year old, Norwegian outdoor enthusiast who have travelled the world and done lots of fun adventures - both smaller trips and greater expeditions - for more than 20 years. Last May I was crossing Greenland from west to east. This is a 600 kilometer cross country skiing trip which starts 550 m above sea level, reaches 2550 meters after 400 kilometers and ends at 0 m on the east coast. We did the crossing in 12 days which means 11 to 14 hours of skiing every day. I was wearing the same pair of Accapi socks - Altitude socks- during the whole trip, day and night. My team-mates - who were all using other brands - were all changing socks every 3rd or 4th day and suffered from cold injuries and blistering. My Accapi socks did not smell, they stayed soft, warm and felt nice to the skin at all times. From the deepest of my heart - and will all my experience and previous "mistakes - I can recommend Accapi socks to anyone seeking the ultimate in quality.


Andy Earl - Climber/ Coach 2007 World Cup Champion. Partner of Climb Newcastle

Chris Graham - Climber /Coach Partner of Climb Newcastle

Suzan Dudink - Climber/Coach

Since getting on board with Accapi two weeks ago, the Climb Newcastle team of Andy Earl, Chris Graham and Suzan Dudink have been testing Nexus to the maximum, and after two weeks of testing, nervous optimism has turned to overwhelming confidence in the technology.

The combination of running a climbing centre and training as climbing athletes means that the body takes a hammering, but the positive effects of Nexus on performance and recovery have been clear.

Suzan had been struggling for several weeks to get rid of a niggling shoulder injury, feeling the effects of an intense bouldering trip to Switzerland, but in two weeks sleeping in the Accapi shoulder support, she is back to full performance and training again.

Chris has seen remarkable increases in performance whilst training in an Action T-shirt, completing several projects that had previously eluded him and noticing significantly increased stability in core and fingerboard exercises.

Finally Andy has been pushing back the boundaries of how far he can push his body, in week alone whilst working a 70 hour week at the centre, Andy trained every day and led 3 additional training sessions. Sleeping in a Nexus t-shirt, Andy maintained his performance throughout and reported no fatigue at the end of the week.

All in all the team are very happy with the progress made during such a short time and are looking forward to the longer term benefits of Nexus over the winter months.

Simone Moro - North Face Athlete & Team Coordinator

"Superb innovation is what is inside every Accapi product, and it's this energy that made me fall in love with the brand and its products!

Socks and underwear are "hidden" articles. These articles became my "hidden weapons" helping me in all active and recovery phases, in every single activity I do. From aerobic training to high altitude climbing, from parachute jumps to rock climbing on the smallest handholds.

Nexus fibre inside Accapi products really gave me what the University studies promised. Halving recovery times, improving sleep and relax times and improving my athletic performance both in strength and stamina exercises. Bio-chemical intra and extra cellular processes are speeded up with the consequent energetic boost and a quicker expulsion of waste.

I notice also a quicker recovery of minor injuries thanks to the bodyguard line. Summarising, I'd say that Accapi Nexus is an important - even necessary - ally for every single athlete/person that cares for their wellness."


John Williamson- aka Jonty Williamson

Commonwealth Championships Gold (1994) and Silver (2002) medallist

World Silver Medallist 1995

Coach and competitor (still)

Since using the Accapi Nexus T shirt I have noticed a difference though it is hard to put my finger on something quantifiable - training and racing in it makes me feel like I can last longer! Despite thinking I feel tired I do the training or racing and I feel like I am coping with it better and with hindsight managing to achieve more than I was expecting. What was quantifiable though was my wife thinking I hadn't used it because it didn't smell which given the training or racing I had done in it was very unusual and perhaps I was sweating just water not minerals? As a coach I have had an athlete in my care use the Action Back support and he noticed an improvement in how he was feeling over the week he was using it. Rowers would be mad not to try this out given what we do before we even get to race!

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