Oxfam Trailtrekker - Your First Adventure Race?

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Monday 18th January 2010

What is Oxfam Trailtrekker?


Oxfam Trailtrekker is a non-stop 100km challenge in the Yorkshire Dales where teams of four attempt to cover the distance, together, within 30 hours. Along the course are various checkpoints where each team's support crew meet their team to provide supplies, changes of clothes, footwear and important motivation.

Oxfam Trailtrekker 2010 - 5-6 June 


Watch the Trailtrekker 2009 video

View the Trailtrekker 2009 gallery


● Four people, one goal: 100kms in 30 hours

● Each team has a support crew

● Start and finishes in Skipton

● Part of ‘Trailwalker' group of events

● £2,000 minimum fundraising pledge


Oxfam Trailtrekker planetFear

Trailtrekker covers 100km of the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park including Malham Cove.


Trailtrekker is part of a global group of 13 events organised by Oxfam called ‘Trailwalker'. The event itself began in 1981 as training exercise for the Gurkha Soldiers in Hong Kong and has since spread to nine different countries. Oxfam 100km events have raised over £45m in total.


What are you up against?


The Trailtrekker trail is a large loop starting and finishing in Skipton. It is largely off road on good paths but occasional rough terrain with 2,382m of ascent.


You can view a detailed route map here


Oxfam Trailtrekker planetFear

Unless you're aiming for less than 16 hours, chances are you'll be continuing into the night.


Oxfam have also developed an ‘interactive trail guide' that allows you to visit all the major points on the route, look around and get insights on the course. It's a fantastic tool that is unique for this type of event.


Use the interactive trail guide


What were the results last year?


In its first year 166 teams started Trailtrekker under the blazing sunshine. ‘Sydney STARS' (all the way from Australia) crossed the line first, over three and a half hours ahead of their nearest rivals. This was the Sydney STARS third win at an Oxfam 100km challenge. You can view a video of their achievements here.


Oxfam Trailtrekker planetFear

The ‘Sydney STARS' following the canals out of Skipton on their way to an impressive win in 2009.


● Fastest time - 13:26:52

● Fastest mixed sex time - 18:34:12

● Average time - 28 hours

● Starters completing challenge - 72%

● Complete teams finishing - 40%


View the full results


What 2009 Trailtrekkers said


"Exhilarating! Trailtrekker pushed us to the very limit, beyond everything we have ever done before. In return it made us more confident and gave us the satisfaction of contributing something back to society." 

Kiran Swaminathan Koottungal,

Critical Path Hikers


"A significant challenge across some wonderful countryside, but ultimately an unbelievably rewarding experience."

Ian Grime,



"The hardest thing I've ever done, but a fantastic experience and one I'll never forget."

Neil Yates,

British Sheep Hour


What's needed to get involved?


You mean apart from bags of endurance, determination, team spirit and a healthy dose of madness?


Well, Trailtrekker is a fundraising event that raises money for Oxfam. Each team has to commit to raising a minimum of £2,000 to participate in the event. Oxfam has excellent advice, materials, ideas and resources to help you reach your total.

Last year 166 teams raised £385,000.

Oxfam Trailtrekker planetFear

Each team must arrange their own support crew who meet them at the checkpoints along the course.


● Commit to raising at least £2,000

● 4 team members (all 18+)

● 1 support crew

● £150 entry fee (until 31 Jan)


Visit www.oxfam.org.uk/trailtrekker to sign up.


Top five tips for Trailtrekker


● Get acquainted with the course prior to event day.

● Teams should agree a target time well in advance and train towards it together.

● Start fundraising early and plan a few fundraising events.

● Have an understanding and brilliant support crew.

● Keep pushing!


Early bird discount deadline: 31 January

Registrations close: 31 March


PRIZE DRAW - £1000 gear giveaway. Spread the word and win.

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