Pete Whittaker

Article by Toby Dunn
Tuesday 3rd July 2007

If I could be an animal; Iíd be Chris Sharma.

The Peak District is amazing; it has beautiful countryside and great climbing. Iíd quite like a private plane so I could travel wherever I like though.

Iím enjoying having finished my GCSEs, now I can do anything I want. So basically now I go climbing. Never, ever take a French GCSE.

I started climbing when I was six or seven, seconding routes my mum had lead; and scrambling about.

Whenever I try to cook anything, my sister laughs at me, a lot.

Nothing would stop me climbing; I love the feeling of relief when I stand on the top of a climb I know has challenged me.
If I hadnít ever discovered it, Iíd be doing something sporty though.

Pete on Braille Trail, E7 6c

I try not to get scared; itís scary.

Iím really, really into climbing routes at the moment, I still love bouldering though.

The biggest obstacles to my climbing are school and wet weather.

Iím inspired by Johnny Dawes in trad climbing, and Steve McClure in sport.

I hate chores, but particularly having to wash the dishes instead of watching The Simpsons.

I donít understand people who chip holds.

My perfect day has no worries, and a big lie in. When I get up, i'd eat a full English breakfast; followed by a ten minute drive to the perfect crag and climb for the rest of the day.

I love the social aspect of climbing, meeting new people and catching up with friends.

Iíd like to have more time to meet up with friends.

Pete Whittaker has onsighted E5 and headpointed E7.
In May 2007 he made an ascent of Johnny Dawesí insecure and frightening Burbage testpiece, The Braille Trail (E7), in a break from his GCSE revision.

He has†been competing in climbing†for the last 7 years, and came first in the 2005 BICC in Wales.

Pete is 16, and lives in the Hope Valley, Derbyshire.

Pete is sponsored by 5.10, Prana and The Edge climbing wall

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