PlanetFear's 2008 Christmas Gift Ideas

Article by planetFear
Tuesday 9th December 2008

It's that time of year again. Rain-dark streets, short hours of light, office parties, ten-minute runs between sleet showers, quick bouldering sessions before the low sun vanishes: Christmas must be on its way. 

Despite the unfavourable odds, getting outside in the cold days of winter is unexpectedly rewarding. So this Christmas, instead of buying your outdoor-minded friends and family the predictable boxes of luxury chocolates and wooly socks, why not give them something they’ll genuinely appreicate – a piece of quality kit that they’ll put to good use. The planetFear team have come up with a list of great suggestions to help you choose the ultimate Christmas presents for adventurous people.


Charlie Woodburn sorting climbing gear late on a perfect midsummer evening on Dun Mingulay, Outer Hebrides, Scotland


Soft Shell Clothing

If you want to splash on something really smart, why not consider a soft-shell jacket from one of the leading outdoor brands. Not only is a good soft-shell a major ally to any cold-weather running, climbing or biking sessions, but it will also be highly usuable on a daily basis. Click on the image to browse the soft-shell products available from planetFear.

Hats and Gloves

Most of us harbour memories of being given slightly ludicrous bobbled hats and daft gloves dangling with coloured string by well-meaning grandparents. However, a modern pair of technical outdoor gloves, or mitts, or a warm hat could make the ideal Christmas gift for someone you know who loves ice climbing, skiing, winter biking or running, or just likes to keep their extremities warm whilst belaying and bouldering. Click on the link below to browse the hats and gloves available from planetFear:


Do you have a close friend whose always climbed in a ratty old harness, stoically putting up with frayed webbing and heavy old-school gear loops and buckles? When they become worn beyond a certain point, harnesses actually become potentially dangerous as catastrophic failure can occur to frayed components.  So why not splash out on a swish new harness for one of your climbing friends – they’ll use and appreciate it for years. Click on the link below to browse the harnesses available from planetFear.

Cragging / Bouldering Accessories

Does your mate always use a knackered old dentures brush pinched from their grandparents’ bathroom to clean holds? If so, here’s a simple and inexpensive gift idea: why not get them a proper brush-kit such as this superb set-up from Black Diamond. Click on the link to find out more.

Climbing Media

For your friend who’s really more of a fair-weather than winter climber, and spends more time during the winter months indoors than out, the best possible present might be a nail-biting climbing movie to get them psyched again as the days get longer.

Ice Protection and Ice Axes

Do you know a really obsessive winter climber; one of those funny people who at this time of year start twitching with manic excitement at the mention of ‘ice conditions’? What could be better than to give them something they can add to their cold-climbing rack? An ice screw or two perhaps, or a deadman for those Scottish top-outs? Or even a smart new pair of axes, if you’re feeling really generous. Click on the links below to browse the ice protection and axes available from planetFear.

Click below to browse the ice axes available from planetFear:



A decent new headtorch could be just about the best Christmas present you could give to a keen adventure-sports person: they’ll use it almost immediately, and you don’t even need to know what size or colour to get. Headtorch technology has advanced immensely in recent years: if you know someone who still packs a battered old miners' lamp in their sack, then do them a favour and give them a proper modern LED headtorch this Christmas. Click on the link below to find out about the headtorches available from planetFear.


Stoves and Nutrition Systems

If you know someone who has a taste for al-fresco cooking but still runs a knackered old Coleman or Primus, a shiny new mountain stove or ultralite cooking set could be just the thing to get them for Christmas. Click on the links below to find out about the stoves and nutrition systems available from planetfear.

Ultralite Packs

Does your adventure-racing friend still run with an antique greeny-grey sack that looks like it’s just come off the set of ‘Full Metal Jacket’?  If so, this Christmas could be just the time to get them a new one. PlanetFear stocks a wide range of adventure racing packs and equipment: click on the link below to find out more.



Fell and Trail Shoes

If you know the shoe-size of the person you run or race with regularly, what could be a better Christmas present than a new pair of running shoes? Replacing that slick-soled pair they’re still using - despite the fact both big toes are clearly visible - will be a gesture of compassion they’ll remember for ages. Or until they have to buy you your next pair! Click on the link below to browse the adventure racing footwear available from planetFear.



Sunglasses and Eye Protection

If you have a skiing, mountain biking or climbing friend who still wears a pair of aviators that makes them look like they’re doing a bad impersonation of Lenny Kravitz, why not get them a pair of proper modern shades or goggles? Click on the links below to browse the extensive range of eyewear available from planetFear.


Navigation Systems

Perhaps the ultimate Christmas present for a keen adventure racer, mountaineer, or cross country mountain biker is an all-guns blazing GPS unit. Obviously, you’ll be able to benefit greatly by borrowing it should the need arise! Click on the link below to browse the navigation and GPS systems available from planetFear.







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