Yosemite Racking

Article by Adrian Berry
Wednesday 15th September 2004

When you’ve got more gear than gear loops on your harness, the obvious solution is to start clipping gear to bandoliers, but gear racked on bandoliers tends to get in the way – on steep routes it hangs out in space, and on slabby routes it constantly falls forward and gets in the way.

For gear like quickdraws and spare karabiners, where there is no range of sizes to choose from, a good way of making space on your harness to employ what is know as ‘Yosemite racking’. Essentially, you clip the first item to your gear loop, then clip additional ones through the karabiner that you’ve just clipped to your gear loop. This saves a lot of precious gear loop space and you don’t need to go hanging gear around your neck – in our example, we could get fourteen quickdraws onto a single gear loops when racked conventionally, but using Yosemite racking, we easily got double that number, with space for more!

As a bonus, you will also find it easier to retrieve gear racked in this way than from an overloaded gear loop.


Above Left : Traditional racking just about fits 14 quickdraws onto this gear loop

Above Right : Yosemite racking easily fits the same number and makes room for ...

... double the number!

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