Posted by George Ullrich
Monday 8th December 2008

Finally I got some proper climbing in today on the slate after a rather deprived few weeks!

As opposed to a really hungover day at Gogarth with Sam. We attempted to do ‘Dream of White Horses,’ but because of the state we were in, we failed miserably. Quite funny actually, I ended up having to make a belay half way up the first pitch because I couldn’t carry on climbing (a jibbering mess). Then for some reason we ended up going direct to the top instead of traversing into the main part of the route. That night I slept for 17 hours straight!

Sam and I at 7.30am just about to epic on ‘Dream of White Horses’.

I took part in the Welsh university bouldering competition last weekend. A great turnout considering the fabulous weather outside! (bummer) Despite this everyone was very enthusiastic with a buzzing atmosphere thanks to the DJ, Tom. Soul took a massive lead almost flashing everything! And it was a battle for second and third between Sam Hammer and myself. Sam scraped 2nd place despite our matching scores because of his amazing style of ascents! Well done.

Kieran King making wild moves on the finger pulling blue.


This weekend I celebrated my 20th birthday, with a visit from my girlfriend Rachel! We managed a pleasant afternoon walk up to Cloggy on the back of Snowdon.

Rachel and I as the sun is setting on our way up to Cloggy.

What’s that?…Indian face?...hmm

So today got a couple of hours in before the light faded at Bus Stop Quarry. Sam got us warmed up on ‘Sterling Silver E2 5c’ and I managed to wobble my way up ‘Scare City E6 6a' a very enjoyable route! Beware of the rotten feeling flakes on the bottom section. They feel as though they could crumble off at any moment, Can’t imagine it would be very fun. Other than that it felt steady away the whole way up.

Excited to go home for Christmas now. A couple of weekends on the grit and hopefully get out into the mountains for some keen cragging!

Just a couple of pictures from a Trip to Rhoscolyn DWS Electric Blue a month or so ago.


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