The Plan

Posted by Nik Cook
Tuesday 12th May 2009

For the next few months my training week is going to be built around a long steady effort on the weekend. The will be 3-6 hours in length, over rough ground and carrying a minimum of 10kg on my back. I'll mainly be walking the ups and running the downs and flats. My Kinder Plateau loop on 10th May followed this plan and I covered 20 miles / 3116ft ascent in a tad under four hours. 

 During the week I'll be trying to get out most mornings for a pre-breakfast run in heart-rate zones 1-2. This'll be off-road and typically be 6 miles with 1000ft of ascent. Last year I found this session really good for building running economy and fat burning capabilities.

Twice a week in the evenings I'll be doing tyre towing uphill reps to build specific strength.... more on these after I've tried it on Wednesday.

I'll aim to train 6 days per week and have an easier week every fourth week. 

 I'll be fitting in some single-speed mountain biking and a few spins on the road bike.... that's the plan anyhow.

Finally, just a quick introduction to my long suffering training partner Moses. He's a 7 year old Finnish Lapphund. He'd love to come out to Canada with me as, having been bred to herd reindeer, he loves the snow and the cold.


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