Soggy and boggy

Posted by Nik Cook
Saturday 16th May 2009

What was supposed to be a "run", turned into more of a scrambling and cayoneering trip with some peat wading thrown in for good measure. 

Starting at Edale, the route went up Ringing Roger, Down Lady Booth Brook, up Jagger's Clough, down Crookstone Hill, up Blackden Brook, across the plateau and down Golden Clough back to Edale.

Heavy rain meant all the cloughs and brooks were in full spate that, although making the waterfalls spectacular, made progress both, up and down, slow and decidedly soggy. I was all good fun through and at the moment Kinder's peat is the nearest I'll get to struggling against deep snow.

 Distance: 21.24km

Ascent: 1148m

Time: 3:49 

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