Taking Highball to a new level

Posted by George Ullrich
Monday 29th June 2009

A few months ago I managed to get hold of some climbing wall bouldering foam pads.  And after a rather dodgy drive back to halls with them piled high, tottering on-top of a tiny car. We placed them by the front door and proceeded to launch ourselves out the top window. Hahaaa, what fun.

This is when I thought, we could do some pretty cool stuff with these pads. I reckon you could fall from at least 15m and be safe. Considering you actually hit the pads!


So yesterday Me Dave and my sister (Eva) took 6 humongous pads to Trowbarrow Quarry, just to test the theory out and see actually how high could you fall from! Im very surprised we didn’t get stopped on the way, It was a sight. At one point, apparently my little Astra van looked like it was 16foot high!


So anyway we took them to red wall, and I think the highest I jumped from was  about ten meters, almost the height of red wall. This is with 4 pads on-top of each other. The landing was pretty soft considering the height. So, yeah, I reckon you cold fall from 15m and stay safe…


Next step is to find a really hard line about that height and attempt it ground up. A new line would be best!

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