Hot and sweaty

Posted by Nik Cook
Monday 29th June 2009

No races this week, so was a good chance to really knuckle down to some good consistent training. Didn't feel last Sunday's long one too much in the legs so was able to run Monday through to Friday. Had a rest day on Saturday at my god-son's 4th birthday and to prepare the legs for Sunday.

 Building on last weeks 19.3 miles / 4477ft ascent in 3:40 I wanted to build on the same sustainable 5-6 mph pace but increasing both the distance and the climb. I also wanted to experiment with taking on more fuel and using Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes electrolyte tablets. 

My route mirrored the previous week until Edale Cross, but then dropped down Jacob's Ladder, briefly went along the Pennine Way before turning right, up the steep slog of Dale Head before joining the Pennine Bridleway down to Royche Clough and then the long climb up to the summit of South Head before descending back into Chinley.

Waking up late, I didn't get going until 1200. The temperature was already in the mid 20's, humidity high and hardly a breath of wind. I decided to leave Moses at home  and set off alone. By the time I reached the summit of Lantern Pike it was sweltering and much harder work then last week. Also, I'd stupidly forgot to apply sun-screen and it always seemed that the clouds were a kilometer or two ahead. I felt ok though and stuck to my pacing and plan of taking a gel every 30 minutes and an electrolyte tablet every hour.

By Kinder Downfall, I had to re-fill my water bladder having already got through 2 litres but I still felt strong. The descent down Jacob's Ladder was hard on my feet and I took a five minute break at the stream to cool my feet. Revitalized I pushed on and, although the climb up Dale Head was a hot slog, I was soon able to pick up my running stride once I hit Rushup Edge.

My feet were hot but my fueling and salt intake seemed to be working with no sign of undue fatigue or cramp in my legs as I ground up towards South Head. My biggest concern was my rather rosy looking shoulders which were obviously burnt.

Descending off South Head I found I was able to stride out but concentrated on maintaining my steady trot. It'd been a tough run in the heat and, aside from forgetting my sunblock, I was pleased with how I'd coped with the conditions.

The stats for the run were 22.1 miles / 4859ft and took 4:06.  


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