Twisted Ankle

Posted by Nik Cook
Friday 3rd July 2009

With two out of five races in the Goyt Valley Striders summer racing series completed on a sweltering 25C Wednesday night I turned up for Hope Wakes (5.6/1500ft). Although my legs were still pretty trashed from Sunday there was no sign of local superstar Andy Pead, who always beats me, or Jonathan Hull, who's normally nips at my heels. So, in theory, I should be able to get maximum club points without having to kill myself.

 The race started well and, although my legs felt slow on the flats, once we got into the grind of the first climb they seemed to be firing ok. Well the course was fantastic, having a bit of everything including forest singletrack, two testing climbs and the super fast and rocky descent off Winn Hill.

The latter was fine and I merrily skipped down but, hitting the road at the bottom, crunch I went over on my right ankle. I swore loudly but managed to hobble to the finish in 51.43 and 26th overall. I'd picked up maximum club points, a stem ginger cake as a spot prize and an ankle that, despite the attentions of St John's, now resembles a rotting orange.  

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