Flat Lands - Flatlining!

Posted by Tim Emmett
Saturday 29th August 2009


But why am I here, well Katie and I are on our way to Squamish, in British Columbia, and popped over to SK for a wedding and parents anniversary.

I just spotted a well-branched Poplar tree and immediately jumped out of my chair and headed for the branches. What a bonus, I so wasn’t expecting to go climbing in these parts! It’s amazing how the climbers instinct can be so strong. I now realise that I NEED to go climbing. I have to. Life without it just wouldn’t be the same, like never eating a good meal, or living without your right hand.


When I started BASE jumping, it totally stole my heart, climbing was firmly placed on the back seat.  No matter where I was, when ever the wind became calm, it was like a flashing beacon lit up on my head and all I could think about was where can I go jumping, right now! Obviously work and other commitments often got in the way, but the instinct was so powerful, addictive and overwhelming.


More recently my passion for hurling myself of cliffs has diffused somewhat, mainly down to the fact that there isn’t anything high enough to use my wingsuit and opportunity for Para-alpinism in the UK is limited. I’ve done a lot of low jumps, quite a few first descents, I’ve had a few close calls, but I’m still alive.


Climbing has come back wide-eyed and eager. I have really enjoyed it in the UK through the spring, especially in Pembroke, what a unique place. Watching the celebratory video of Eric Svab doing the 3rd ascent of Point Blank in Stennis Ford and hearing about Pete Robins going for the onsight, and then taking a massive whipper, reminded me of how much fun you can have down there!


Sitting here in the flat lands, I realise how much I miss climbing. On the flip side, being kept away from what you love just builds the passion inside and my enthusiasm is bubbling. I can’t wait to touch rock again, that next opportunity to climb again.


Where is yours going to be?


* Do a 100 pull ups, press ups and leg raises in 20 minutes (I do 10 of each and then rest until the 2 minute slot is up, then repeat) – it’s savage! ;-)

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