New Dawn

Posted by Nik Cook
Monday 9th November 2009

After the fun and games of having to find a completely new event to focus on following the shock cancellation of the 2010 Rock and Ice Diamond Ultra it was good to get back to the normality of training. 


Having been for my initial testing with Marc Laithwaite aka The Endurance Coach last week was my first under his regime. From my test results, the main priority was to improve my running economy which means lots of slow Zone 1 and 2 running (up to a maximum of 154bpm). This includes a long run at the weekend along with fasted pre-breakfast runs. 


Marc had also identified a need to build some pure strength so, for the first time in years, I crossed the threshold of a gym and pumped some iron. Shock to the system is an understatement. Not only am I weak as a kitten but the muscle soreness has been pretty severe. I woke up the other morning to find I was unable to straighten my arms due to unbelievable pain in my biceps. This meant I spent most of the day walking around looking as if I had toilet rolls wedged under my armpits. Marc assures me though that the muscle soreness will get less with time and my strength will improve fairly rapidly. 


I enjoyed the morning runs, finding them a great way to start the day and liking the fact that the heart-rate limits gives me an excuse to walk up the steep climbs. The slow pace also means that Moses gets a chance to have a bit more of a sniff around as we trot along.


Keeping to the heart-rate is a bit more a challenge when towing the tyre and Marc has me doing two sessions per week. Lissa has kindly volunteered to accompany me on these sessions and, although it makes a massive difference having her there and I really appreciate it, I’m sure an evil little part of her is taking immense joy at being able to trot effortlessly ahead as soon as the road kicks up. 


My Sunday long run was a very enjoyable three hour outing with Moses, my mate Jim and his two dogs Mustard and Scoots. Once again I was limited to a strict Zones 1-2 and this meant that I felt really strong throughout and completely fresh at the end.


Stats for the week were:


Total Time Training: 11:53:52

Total mileage / ascent: 48.4 miles / 9882ft 


Having just spoken to Marc on the phone, he’s happy with the week and is looking for a solid 4 weeks of training through November before starting to ramp up the mileage. It all sounds good in theory, I just hope I’ll be able to straighten my arms at some stage! 



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