Posted by Nik Cook
Wednesday 18th November 2009

Last week started off well with two good hilly morning runs, another suffer-fest of squats and deadlifts in the gym and an excellent 10km hilly tyre tow. I then woke up on Thursday morning feeling absolutely rotten and with a sore lump on my left armpit. Lissa dispatched me off to the doctor and Marc forbade me from running. Well, it turned out I had a bit of a bug and the lump was just an inflamed lymph node. Feeling a bit better I managed another gym session on Friday but was grateful of a complete rest day on Saturday.


It’s really good working with a coach again and, if you’re preparing for a specific race or event, I can strongly recommend it. Aside from the obvious supervision and motivation, having someone to tell you when, and that it’s alright, to back off is invaluable. If I’d been training on my own, I’d have probably soldiered on doing half-arsed sessions and would have extended the illness. As it was, ok I missed a couple of sessions, but I was fit and raring to go come my key Sunday long run.


As with last Sundays run, the plan was to find a good hilly route (not hard in the Peak!) and to stay resolutely in heart rate zones 1-2 (upper limit 154bpm) for the whole 3.5 hours. The aim is to feel strong throughout the runs and to not be fatigued at the end. Lissa joined me for the first hour and a loop round Chinley Churn and then I headed off over Brown Knoll and up onto Kinder. Conditions under foot were pretty appalling but I kept telling myself it was good training for the snow. I felt good but, after 2 hours and having taken on a couple of gels and a bar, I looked in my pack to find it was empty. I thought I’d had more food left over from my last run but obviously not. I kicked myself but knew with the easy pace I’d be able to trot home. Aside from feeling a bit tight in my hamstrings I cruised in feeling pretty good but ate like a horse once I got home.


Speaking to Marc he was pleased how the week had panned out and didn’t seem too bothered about the missed sessions. We discussed how important correct fueling will be in Canada and that I should start experimenting with “real food” rather than gels and bars on my long runs. He suggested just going into Morrisons and trying whatever my body seemed to fancy..... should be interesting, any suggestions welcome! 


Total Training Hours: 8:46

Running Distance / Ascent: 33.6 miles / 6330ft

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