A sad loss

Posted by Nik Cook
Tuesday 24th November 2009

It’s with great sorry that I have to announce a sad, sad loss. On Sunday 22nd November 2009, at approximately 1300 and whilst descending Mam Tor my beloved Inov-8 330 “O”’s passed away. Having already covered over 500 peaty miles they’d soldiered on bravely but, having been terminally ill for the last few weeks (despite radical new lace surgery), a fatal tear in the upper was the final nail in their coffin. Like the true heroes they were, they carried me home for 10 miles but, as I took them off, I knew that it’d be the last time. They’ve gone to a better place and will not be forgotten.




Aside from the wet and windy weather, the last week has been pretty solid training wise. Marc www.theendurancecoach.com and I have had to juggle things round a bit because of me going to London but, apart from having to try and lift weights the day after a hilly 3.5 hour run, it was all fine.


Gym work is going really well and I’m definitely getting stronger and stronger. With a pulk to tow and wind, snow, cold and hills to battle against the 6633 Ultra is going to be a slog, so I’m hoping that brute strength and all round robustness will win the day over racing snake pure running fitness.


Two hilly 80 minute tyre tows were good and the addition of some bungee cords to Terrence’s leashes have made all the difference. They’ve totally eliminated his bouncing, annoying habit of flipping over and his leaping onto his side and rolling into me going down hill. The only downside is that now he stays limpet like flat on the road significantly increasing the resistance. 


Having to do a couple of my morning runs in London was a surprisingly refreshing change (it’s actually an ok place as long as you don’t have to live there). Moses enjoyed chasing squirrels and pigeons and trying to lasso the legs of unsuspecting tourists with his bungee lead. 


The biggest struggle on Sunday’s long run was getting out of bed and getting going. The weather was miserable and Moses actually hid under the kitchen table when I got his harness out. Fortunately after an hour or so it brightened up and, although still blustery on the tops, stayed fair through hours two and three. Marc has suggested I start experimenting with “real food” on these runs rather than just gels and bars. I’d opted for pitta bread with humous (one of Ultra-Running god Scott Jurek’s faves) and mini pork pies one of my faves).  They went down surprisingly well and Moses definitely appreciated his half pork pie when he was flagging a bit during the final hour. The wind and rain started up again for the fourth hour but I arrived home feeling strong and even the normally harshly honest Lissa said I looked surprisingly fresh. 


Total Training Hours: 10.54

Total Mileage / Ascent: 47.04 miles / 7836ft 

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