So it begins

Posted by George Ullrich
Thursday 7th January 2010

Just woken up in Miami after just about everything that could possibly go wrong with my journey, has gone wrong!

The journey began with when I awoke to find fresh snow on the ground and heard that some flights had been cancelled from Manchester airport. Set off for the airport nice and early as we predicted bad driving conditions.

Those of you that don't know, to get out of my house you have to drive down a rather steep hill. So we started off by careering down it completely out of control (my mum driving)! Both of so where certain we where going to crash! As our lives flashed in font of our eyes we smashed into a continently placed pile of snow at the bottom of the hill! Few! Amazingly we drove away, chuckling, not believing our luck!

anyway, cut a long story short:

my flight from manchester was cancelled, I was put on a bus to London, bus almost crashed on the motorway. Flight was delayed out of london, so missed connection from Miami

so here I am now waking up to this amazing sunrise^ 

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