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Posted by Nik Cook
Monday 11th January 2010

Apologies for having been out of contact for a while but Festive Mayhem rather took things over and I’ve only just got back on top of work. The weeks leading up to Christmas went really well training wise as you can see from the stats below.



Total Training Time: 10:35

Total Mileage/Ascent: 42 miles / 7573ft

Long Run: 5 hours


Good solid week interrupted by a trip down to London.



Total Training Time: 13:14

Total Mileage/Ascent: 54 miles / 11,748ft ascent

Long Run: 6 hours


Really good week, finishing off with an excellent 6 hour run.



Total Training Time: 11:58

Total Mileage/Ascent: 40.3 miles / 8114ft

Long Run: 7 hours


Week started off a bit poorly with a bit of a cold and then the snow and ice started. Epic long run over Kinder in truly Arctic conditions. 


Rock on Kinder 

Frozen Lapphund

Into Christmas and the annual trawl around the country combined with a stinking cold put pay to any serious training for two week. Coach Marc didn’t seem too bothered and actually encouraged me to concentrate on eating loads to put the weight back on I’d lost. It wasn’t a case of two weeks completely lost but it was definitely a case of maintenance rather than progress.


Back off the festive break and the cold snap really bit. Great for trying out cold weather gear but deep drifts slowed runs down to “polar plods”

Cold and blustery night on South Head

Snow formations on South Head 


Total Training Time: 15:06

Total Mileage/Ascent: 50.14 miles / 10,220ft

Long Run: 8 hours


A great week and feeling really strong. Some epic runs and conditions. Deep drifts meant my regular morning run took 90 minutes rather than 50 minutes and my long Sunday run was a real slog. Just spoken to Marc and he’s really pleased with how things are going but unsure as to how long I should go prior to the race. There’s no point in trying to get anywhere near the actual race distance and going much further than 8 hours simply ramps  up the injury risk and knackers me for the following week. Plan is to speak to the race organiser to get some more information and then we’ll come up with a plan.



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