Devil's Appendix soloed in 1979 !!

Posted by Tim Emmett
Sunday 4th April 2010

"Good to hear from you. What with a kid and all you'll be reduced to E9
scrambles. That's what fatherhood does for you!
The Appendix and the first solo: I was being falsely and
uncharacteristically modest when I wrote in Cold Climbs that an "Irishman
had soloed it for Christmas."  But I was being truthful. I was that
Irishman. There were a couple of witnesses - Dave Walsh amongst them. So
tell Tim he's only thirty years late. I think I did it 1979 - but I
wouldn't swear to that and it might have been '78. Probably before Tim was
born. And he owes me a pint - which I'll swap for just one of his E


Awesome effort John, it must have been way harder with old school kit too. Respect ;-)

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