planetFear Keswick Store Intro

Posted by Keswick Staff Blog
Wednesday 1st December 2010

Aimed at adventure racers, mountain bikers, climbers, skiers and mountaineers the new planetFear store in Keswick, Cumbria specialises in technical clothing and equipment from high-end brands such as Haglofs, Arc'teryx, Rab, adidas and Giant.


planetFear Keswick Store


Staffed by an array of hardened climbers, trail and road-bred bikers, race-winning adventure racers and skiers, the store offers all the kit you'll need for short days on the hill through to mountain epics with advice from staff who know and do. The planetFear store in Keswick is surrounded by some of the best and most accessible terrain for biking and climbing in the UK - with natural and man-made trails such as the Altura trail at Whinlatter, Shepherd's Crag and the legendary Bowderstone only minutes away.


planetFear Store Keswick Map


The Staff:


Name                             Mark Cardwell

Position                        Store Manager

Activities                      Mountain bike, Road bike, Trad, Sport, Boulder                                         (has been seen out running)

Special powers         Incredibly strong, increasingly heavy, hard to break

Favourite thing          Soft boiled eggs with roasted asparagus tips                                         wrapped in pancetta for breakfast



Name                             Chris Swanepoel

Position                        Assistant Manager

Activities                     Trad, Boulder, Mountain bike, Run, Paddle, Swim on                                        Mondays

                                      Tuesday .....................

Special powers         Incredibly strong, incredibly light, even harder to                                        break

Loves                           Cold beer after climbing at Rocklands



Name                            Alec McCarthy

Position                       Supervisor

Activities                     Trad, Boulder, Run, Road bike, Drawing, Skier  

Ask him to choose    Wigan FC or powder in BC?



Name                            Ben Freeman

Position                       Crusher of small crimps/Sales assistant

Activities                     Boulder, Trad, Sport, Run, Mountain bike

Special powers         Anti Gravity

Quote "Would take sunny Spanish bolt clipping over Scottish winter epic any day"


Name                             Tim Austin

Position                         All round mentalist/Sales Assistant

Activities                       Fell runner, Trad, Boulder, Winter climber, Road                                          bike, Mountain bike

Has been known sneak out of a party for a Cheeky run

Favourite thing             Coffee, caffeine, cappuccino



Name                             Pete Archer

Position                         Mail order ninja

Activities                       GOING BIG ON A BIKE, snowboarder

Special powers           The ability to not see the danger in a 20 foot Huck

Favourite thing             Deep powder and steep trails



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