New member of staff heads off to Norway

Posted by Keswick Staff Blog
Wednesday 16th March 2011
I am just back from one week in Norway cruising up the coast and through the fjords, wonderful scenery and fantastic people. It was a voyage of discovery as I  realised that I  suffer from motion sickness....not good when on a week long cruise!!! 
We first headed north and into the Arctic circle where it  got colder and the scenery became more dramatic with less and less populated areas. As we croossed into the Arctic we had a meeting with neptune, the god of the sea, and to pay our respect to him we had what felt like a bucket of iced water down the back of the neck....brrrrr!!! the shot of whisky afterwards helped warm me back up!!!
We arrived in a large town on the coast called Tromso, a nice looking ski resort overlooking the town which we will return to one day to try it out. This is where we went dog sledding out in the countryside surrounding the town. It was fabulous experience and the dogs are amazing and get so excited when they are waiting to go. We had 30 minutes of  pure fun and I didnt stop laughing all the way round the circuit....i wanted to bring the 2 week old puppies we saw home with me!!!
Back on the boat and further north into the barents sea and across to the north cape, unfortunately we missed out on getting to the cape as the weather had other time!! that night we saw the northern lights from the boat whilst out at sea, they are magical.
Next day we landed at a place called Kirkness, very close to the russian border, and a large port for the king crab fisherman. Here we went snow shoeing and stayed the night in the snow was the best experience and worth the journey. The hotel is a big igloo with rooms for 30 guests and each one is decorated differently with carvings in the snow and ice sculptures. That night we had dinner in a tradional sami lavvo tent cooked on the open fire, the best fish I have ever tasted and the northern lights once again put on a magical show.
Will return to norway again as its stunningly beautiful both for the scenery and the people and hope to ski, dog sled and much more.
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