Update From The Airport Floor...

Posted by Tim Emmett
Monday 15th September 2008
Blimey, had a pretty hectic few weeks, and now sitting on the airport floor waiting for my flight out to Vancouver. Heading out to Lake Louise to get married - Woo Hoo ! :-)

Plane Chasing was wild indeed! Didn't quite manage touching the wing but diving after a plane and feeling the G force as you spiral after it, it was like being in a Bond Film or something. Still dreaming about it now! I'm waiting to get the footage off the BBC to show you but the program is out on 1st October - "Inside Out"  so keep an eye out for it.

Zoomed over to Pembroke day before yesterday to do some filming for the Pembrokeshire National Park. I'm turning into a right media whore ;-) The surf forecast was pretty special so dragged myself out of bed at 5.30 and into the water for 6am. Wow, haven't seen the sun rise for a while, got a few corking rides, surfers shreaking all over the place, good times for sure. Then quested over to St Davids for 9am and out to Ramsey Island to go sea kayaking. The island is uninhabited and sports a huge colony of seals, a few puffins and more rabbits than you could fit into a Duracell advert! Loads of unclimbed rock there too, which for the moment is out of bounds.

The afternoon was hilarious, space walking across the infamous "Pleasure Dome" E3 5c at the Stennis Head, with a monstrous sea raging underneath (kind of a hybrid Deep Water Solo, with the hard bit above sea but the rest of it isn't). Super atmospheric. You might even catch it on the ITV Wales news in the next day or two. Tart!

By the way, if you haven't done Pleasure Dome, it's absolutely brilliant. Go and do it. In fact if you haven't been to Pembroke before, and you made the trip there just for that, it would be worthwhile. It's awesome! Pembroke's offering to Left Wall and equally as good :-)

Here comes the summer... At last... !

Ditch your waterproofs, and get you rock shoes out of the dryer. Grit season here we come! 

Pleasure Dome, Pembroke

Warming up for Pleasure Dome at Newton Head.

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