Just got married !

Posted by Tim Emmett
Tuesday 7th October 2008
Just got married, what an adventure! Katie looked amazing. Super lucky with the weather and we had Will Gadd to take the pictures on the shores of Lake Louise, near Banff, Canada. For any of the young school crew out there, you’re probably reading this thinking “yeah what-ever, what about climbing”?
Well, climbing is a form of self-expression. You chose - what type, style, difficulty, danger. When you chose a girl, what do you go for? I bet it’s similar to your climbing style! The thing is, it depends what she wants too ;-)   - Go for it

One thing I haven’t told you, is that 3 weeks ago whilst writing about “the positive aspects of being injured – i.e. getting back into climbing and being psyched out of my mind” I ended up going for it, attempting my first backward summersault. As usual, the team psych presented itself at a party, a couple of glasses of fighting red later (AKA Red Wine) I pulled off the first one! For those of you that haven’t been there yet, it’s a bit like topping out on your first E5. Elated and somewhat baffled that I was still on my feet, confidence began to surge through me, I decided to go for another.
I swayed generously like a small tree, firmly rooted and waiting for the storm to pass. Two out of two, Alright!  This is easy.
Round three left me nose down, legs up high and shoulder NOT where is should be. Shit! “I always learn the hard way.

So basically I’ve been doing physio daily ever since and not climbing anywhere near where I want to be.

Back to the drawing board
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