The 'Dru' - Fly By

Posted by Tim Emmett
Wednesday 22nd October 2008

Have you ever seen the video footage of that guy flying with a wingsuit down a snow slope, insanly close to a couple of skiers?

(You may have to copy and paste this link into the address bar)

That was Loic Jean Albert, filming for a Salomon DVD. When I first saw that I remember standing there in the lounge of my house, completely dumfounded and at the time it was the most insane thing I had ever seen. 

 The seed was sewn, and over the last few years I have been building up to that etherial moment - Flying down mountains at over 120mph, following contours of the slopes and cliffs, like a fighter jet, with just slight trimming of my arms and legs to steer between the rock architecture. 


This weekend I finally got the chance to give it a shot. Myself together with James Boole and some french amigo's took a helicopter to the top of the 'Vert', where we jumped out at 4500M, dived down to the Dru, and perimeter flew around the stupendous North and West faces. Wow, quite remarkable atually,  and a close quarters view of the remains of the massive rockfall that happened last year. 2 minutes and 4km later we reached the Mere de Glace, and pulled our parachute, to land safely at the finish of the infamous Valley Blanche.  Wild !

 Pull Hard Not Low



Image - Tim jumping -"Tete De Philip" Magland, c  Ed Douglas





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