Bangor life

Posted by George Ullrich
Friday 24th October 2008

Hello from Bangor!

Well, it’s been a mad last month or so in Bangor! Non-stop!

Starting with the stunning fresher’s week. Managed to get out climbing at least 5 days, in-between all the madness that is Bangor nightlife! Woo yeah….. It was a joy to get back into the swing of “proper cragging,” after spending the summer out of the UK. Probably the highlight of the week was being back on Gogarth, after only having climbed there twice before.  With limited time me and a mate Sam climbed ‘The Strand’ and then ‘Positron!’ OMG soo pumped! Feels like such an adventure climbing on the main cliff, with the crashing waves steep routes and chossy top outs. For me I think sea cliff climbing could be the best style of climbing, must be the added pressure of being at the mercy of the crashing waves and tide.

After the first week the weather started to deteriorate a little, so started to branch out into some other sports. It hasn’t just been about the climbing, done so much other stuff, some of which I wont tell you.... Iv been mountain biking, Kayaking, surfing and just recently I’ve been Learning to kite surf! What a blast! It’s the best feeling ever! Apart from when you go out with wind 40knots and get lifted 10meters above the sand dunes and dumped, Oops.

Had a little epic, while surf kayaking on Anglesey in some really wild weather. I was paddling out through the surf and a huge wave crashed over me popping my deck and sending me flying, then I sunk. When I re-surfaced out of my boat I felt myself getting dragged out in a rip tide, oops. Only had a pair of shorts a t-shirt and a rather old buoyancy aid. In the end I managed to attract the attention of Sam who came to the rescue, only just managing to drag me to shore after allot of carnage. Got the heart going a bit.       

I’m like a kid in a candy shop; it’s madness, just want to do everything at once!


Sorry if a little brief, off to Sheffield for the weekend this afternoon with the BUMS. Should be a good crack, although the weather isn’t looking too hopeful so it could be a messy one :-/

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