planetFear Blogs latest blogs from planetFearEnglishVenezuelan Big Wall/blog.php?id=2832012-03-05Round 2 of the 661 Gravity Enduro - Kielder /blog.php?id=2822011-06-30A bit late on this blog I'm afraid but Round 2 of the UK Gravity Enduro sponsored by 661 took place the other weekend up in a midge-filled Kielder Forest. The tracks were rad, the weather on Sunday was awesome (Saturday wasn't quite so good...) and my new 2011 Giant Reign X0 was riding like a dream!

Round 1 of the 661 Gravity Enduro - Ae Forest/blog.php?id=2812011-05-26Still winter climbing on the Benn/blog.php?id=2802011-03-27
After a bit of lazy start from the top car park (!) we coughed and
spluttered into the CIC hut - the amount of snow which has vanished over the last week is impressive for the wrong reasons - that said it didn't seem to put off the crowds.

Snow free until we got underneath Douglas Boulder and then buckets and
buckets of wet spring snow heading towards Tower Scoop, which offered
plastic ice, first time placements and screws that nats could pull out!! We took the right hand finish which had a great little section of steeper ice,
especially tough for Nat with her "near" broken arm following an earlier
scrap with a bit of flying debris.

The high classics saw plenty of action - we counted 8 on Hadrians Wall, a
team approaching the missing bit in 0.5 and spoke to people who'd done
New member of staff heads off to Norway/blog.php?id=2782011-03-16We first headed north and into the Arctic circle where it  got colder and the scenery became more dramatic with less and less populated areas. As we croossed into the Arctic we had a meeting with neptune, the god of the sea, and to pay our respect to him we had what felt like a bucket of iced water down the back of the neck....brrrrr!!! the shot of whisky afterwards helped warm me back up!!!
We arrived in a large town on the coast called Tromso, a nice looking ski resort overlooking the town which we will return to one day to try it out. This is where we went dog sledding out in the countryside surrounding the town. It was fabulous experience and the dogs are amazing and get so excited when they are waiting to g]]>