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DMM Big Boa HMS Screwgate Karabiner
Sometimes bigger is better. Th.. 
£13.99 ()
DMM Deadman Snow Anchor
Decent belays in classic snow .. 
£36.99 ( 1 colours)
DMM Wallnut On Wire 1-11 Climbing Protection Set
With bright new colours, anodi.. 
£79.99 ()
DMM Wallnut On Wire 1-6 Climbing Protection Set
The first step was the extrusi.. 
DMM Sentinel HMS Screwgate Karabiner
The distinctive shape of this .. 
£11.99 ( 1 colours)
DMM Figure 8
The classic abseiling device f.. 
£12.99 ( 1 colours)
DMM Wallnut on Wire No. 3/4
When the cracks are too small .. 
RRP £8.50
FROM £7.34
DMM Fly Pick/Hammer T Type
DMM Fly Pick/Hammer T Type 
£26.99 ()
DMM Dyneema sling 11mm x 240cm
DMM Dyneema sling 11mm x 240cm.. 
£15.99 (1 sizes)
DMM Dyneema Sling 11mm x 120cm
DMM Dyneema Sling 11mm x 120cm.. 
£9.49 ()
DMM Dyneema sling 11mm x 60cm
DMM Dyneema sling 11mm x 60cm .. 
£5.99 ()
DMM Highball Bouldering Mat
The hinged style Highball is a.. 
£169.99 ( 2 colours)
DMM Belay Master 2 HMS Karabiner
Belay carabiners donít always .. 
£19.50 ()
DMM Phantom Screwgate
The Phantom weighs 41.5g and i.. 
£12.99 ()
DMM Dragon Cams
Here at last! One of the most .. 
RRP £54.99
FROM £49.99
DMM Shadow Screwgate Karabiner
This is a high performance, l.. 
£11.99 ()
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