Nokia Coast To Coast Comp

Thursday 15th April 2010

Nokia Coast 2 Coast planetFear

Nokia Coast 2 Coast planetFear


The Nokia Coast to Coast is part of The Nokia Outdoor Series - a selection of events designed to celebrate the great outdoors and enable you and your friends to enjoy being active in some of the UK's most spectacular locations.

Imagine a route that traverses one of the most famous mountain landscapes in the world by bike, foot and boat; a journey that covers just over 100 miles, including a marathon-worth of running; a journey that takes in some of the most iconic locations and amazing views in the Scottish Highlands: Loch Ness, the Great Glen, Ben Nevis and Glen Coe.

This is a challenge open to all adventurers. Some will come to win; some purely to finish; many just to take part. All will leave having enjoyed being active with friends in this spectacular setting. Nokia Coast to Coast is a truly defining journey through the mystery and lore of this ancient landscape.


Nokia Coast 2 Coast planetFear

Nokia Coast 2 Coast planetFear

We're giving away THREE solo entries in the Nokia Coast to Coast (redeemable in any race class; worth up to £150 each).

For a chance to win, just answer this simple question:


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Question 1 Where does the Nokia Coast to Coast finish?
1. Fort William
2. Nairn
3. Inverness
4. Glencoe
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