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Haglofs Open 5 Series - Crowcombe, Quantocks

Sunday 8th January 2012

Our first venture down south for an Open5. We are visiting the picturesque location of the Quantocks for the 4th event in the series. This area rightly earned the status of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in 1956.

The planner for this event is 2010 Open24 planner, Andy Wilson. He is just itching to get the Open5 contingent into the West Country to show what this area has to offer.

2011/12 Haglöfs Open5 events:

Categories - Each Open5 event has five entry categories; 2 solo categories (Male and Female) and 3 pairs categories (Male, Female and Mixed).

Series - For those looking to get a series placing, ranking will be based on the top 3 scores from any of the seven events. You do not have to register for the series. To win a series prize in a pairs category, the pair must remain the same for at least 3 of the events in the series. More details on the 2011/2012 series scoring are here.

Process - Register at the event centre any time from 8.30 to 10.00 here you will collect a map preprinted with the location of the controls. If you have entered as a pair you must register together.

Start anytime from 9.30 to 10.30 electing to run or cycle first. At the start you will be given a list of control descriptions each assigned a value. After 5hrs penalties will be incurred.

You can find the few rules we have and a kit list for the event here

Cost - The cost of the event is £28 per person, Entries on the day are accepted for an extra £7. Pre-entries will close at midnight on the Thursday before the event.

For those up for a bargain, if you enter 3 or more events you will only pay;

3 events - £26 per event
4 events - £25 per event
5+ events - £24 per event

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