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Rab Mountain Marathon

Saturday 6th October 2012

Sponsored by Rab & run under FRA rules, Dark & White are organising their 6th two day mountain marathon. Run along similar lines to previous events, the courses for 2012 will all be in score format avoiding snakes of runners & testing your navigation more. There is a rolling start each day so you can set off when ready.

Entries can be solo or pairs; in addition to a variety of runners classes there is a walkers class for those who want an easier weekend.

Event details & directions will be on Dark & White's website 1 month before the event. Final race information will be emailed out prior to the event & if needs be handed out on your arrival.

Event Centre/Format

The Event Centre & Registration will open late afternoon (time tbc) until 10.00pm on Friday & from 7.00 until 9.30am on Saturday.

Choose your own start time (Day 1 between 8.30 & 10.30am, 7.00 & 9.00am Day 2) Please note the Saturday start is likely to be a 30 minute walk from the Event Centre & registration may take some time so please don't arrive late! If you have your own dibber you can use rapid registration - just check your details are correct sign-in; hand in your kit list & disclaimer; clear your SPORTident dibbers & head off to the start.

Time limits: 6hrs Saturday & 5hrs Sunday for the standard course; the Elite course is 7hrs day 1 & 6 hours day 2. Each checkpoint will have a specified points value - considering your ability, aim to collect as many points as possible each day within the time allowed. If you are late, penalty points will be deducted. Strategy & route planning are as important as fitness. Both days points totals will be combined to produce overall results.

Each competitor will be issued with a bagged map AT THE START. The map will be either 1:30,000 or 1:40,000 & approx size A3. It will be pre-marked with all controls but not all the controls will be active each day. The same map will be used both days so please take care of it. At the start each day you will be given a control description sheet listing the active controls to allow you to plan your strategy/route.

At registration you can view a Master Map of the competition area giving an overview of the event area & details of any out of bounds etc; the event Master Map will not show control points.

Saturday night camp - details will be given on the event map & control description sheet. Broad details of the campsite i.e. high/low, isolated etc will be given in the event details by email & on the website in the lead up to the event.


Camping is free for competitors at the Event Centre. Use a larger tent at the Event Centre to save your racing one for the event. If you don't want to camp there is accommodation in the area - details will be advised on our website before the event.

Water Supply: En-route & at the overnight camp water will be from streams. If you feel there is any risk, consider using water purification tablets. This is more significant after a period of dry weather. All water consumed during the weekend is at your own risk.

Food at the event centre: Caterers will be at the Event Centre Friday evening, Saturday morning & after the event on Sunday - a meal will be provided to all finishers on Sunday pm, the cost of which is included in the entry fee.

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