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Rat Race Road Trip London-Edinburgh

Friday 2nd May 2014

2013 saw 400 riders take on our inaugural London to Edinburgh epic Sportive with an impressive 95% completion rate. Our stunning route starts at the iconic Tower Bridge and winds its way through 440 miles of quintessential British countryside culminating in a spectacular finish in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh.

Join us on our 2 day Expert or 4 day Challenger adventure in 2014 and saddle up for a brilliant bank holiday weekend.


Any bi-cyclists out there looking for a ‘honest' challenge in 2014 ? look no further @RatRaceHQ 2 day Road Trip, epic, emotional & tough

@RatRaceHQ thank you for a brilliantly organised & well signposted 2 day trip to Edinburgh. Aid station support staff were also fab

After 2 amazing days cycling to Edinburgh @RatRaceHQ I am now officially ‘ruined' ! @cyclingplus

Some thank you's - @RatRaceHQ for creating such an well organised and epic 2 day challenge...!

@RatRaceHQ expert #roadtrip done Awesome & gruelling ride @PorkTrainVC best stash ever

Finished day 4 total 440 miles 18000ft climbing in 36hours cycling for @MartinHouseCH @TheBHF. Thanks @RatRaceHQ #theroadtrip was awesome

@RatRaceHQ broken bruised and battered 440miles of hell and loved every minute #roadtrip

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