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Rat Race Road Trip London to Edinburgh

Friday 3rd May 2013

This is London to Edinburgh; call it capital to capital if you like. From Tower Bridge to Edinburgh's Holyrood Palace, the Road Trip will take you on a biking adventure, Rat Race-style. That means iconic venues, the best event logistics in the business, excellent way-marking and a route that cuts a direct line from A to B along quiet and picturesque roads through spectacular scenery. Plus, there's the choice of category: We present you the option of completing the ride over a 4-day long weekend in our Challenger category, pumping a solid 100+ miles per day through the legs before relaxing in our top-of-the-range overnight basecamps. Or for those who want to go all out, you can power through the weekend in our super-charged Expert category: That's the full 400+ miles in 2 days.

For those who enjoy an iconic journey and who want to challenge themselves on the mileage, with a weekend's worth of adventure and no-hassle logistics at either end, this is the event you have been waiting for. The Road Trip Challenger class is an ideal distance for those who want to go long, but have limited time; and the Expert class will suit those who know they can do the big days in the saddle and want to push themselves to their absolute limits.

Join the Rat Race Road Trip and enjoy the largest multi-day road ride in Britain. We'll be hitting the road on May 3rd 2013 at London's Tower Bridge

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