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Rat Race The Crossing

Friday 12th July 2013

Forging a defining line across Northern England, justly famous for its off-road biking, over 3 days you will undertake a classic journey from West Coast to East, passing through the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North Yorkshire Moors and sampling some of the UK's finest mountain biking as you go, alongside jaw-dropping scenery. This is a challenge open to the gnarly fat-tyre brigade as well as first-time adventurers. If you've never joined us on a Rat Race event before, rest assured, you are in good hands. We have the best events in the business, amazing routes, superb over-night facilities and an Army of Ratfans all around you enjoying the views n' brews from Coast to Coast.

Journey's end is in Scarborough, where you will dip a wheel in the waters of the North Sea before a well-earned ice cream, beer or, er, donkey ride!

Rat Race The Crossing

News & Updates

04-02-13 - Route information updated. Click HERE to see what lies in store.

04-02-13 - Mandatory Kit updated. Click HERE to make your checklist.

What Is Included In The Entry
  • The UK's only Mountain Bike Expedition Event
  • Traverse 3 National Parks in 3 days
  • Fully way-marked course
  • Special edition Tech Tee worth £15
  • Free post event pictures with your finish time
  • No admin fee for changing participant details
  • 2 free overnight camps with hot showers
  • Free bag transfer for all participants
  • Real ale bar and food available (at a cost) at the overnight camps and finish
  • Music with live MC at the overnight camps and the finish
  • High Quality Medal for all finishers
  • Electronic timing with full stage position results
  • Special edition Cycle Jerseys and other Event merchandise for sale

Rat Race the Crossing

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