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Rat Race The Wall

Saturday 22nd June 2013

The Wall. A run on the wild side. A long run. A very long run.      

The Wall is back on 22nd and 23rd June 2013. After a stunning 2012 debut, the UK's biggest Ultra Run has re-launched for 2013. Entries are OPEN NOW with Early Bird Deals and NEW for 2013 we've got a Pairs category for Expert and Challenger for those who want to buddy up - pairs get an extra Tenner off too. 

2012 sold out and with a 90% + completion  rate, The Wall has become in its short lifespan a hugely aspirational objective. Bag your place for 2013 in this iconic Ultra and get ready to hit The Wall.

The Wall is Hadrian's Wall. A Wall perhaps heard of but not visited. Imagined but not studied. It's been there a long time and now we present Wall Country for your running adventure. For almost 2,000 years this vast Roman construction has stretched across the wild beauty of Northern England, and is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. Of course, it is no longer the ancient Frontier of the Roman Empire, though the history of that period is incredibly well presented at many locations, with sections of real wall and real forts, mile-castles and Roman temples to accompany you along the way. It is bound evocatively together by the stunning countryside of Cumbria and Northumberland, rising from the lowlands of the West into the rugged hill country of Northumberland National Park before descending gently to the banks of the River Tyne.

Rat Race the WallThe concept is simple: You will run (or walk) from Carlisle Castle to the Gateshead Millennium Bridge over a mixed-terrain route that incorporates both on and off-road sections. You could call this City to City, Coast To Coast or Castle to Castle. That's up to you. We call it The Wall. 69 miles* from start to finish. 69 miles in 2 days, or for those that want to rule with endurance - in one continuous journey. In 2012 this event enabled 800 participants to cover a route that mixed the qualities of great cities and stunning countryside all into the one event. And if you want to celebrate your achievement in style, you can't beat a night out in Newcastle.

*This distance is subject to slight variation depending on finalised routings.

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