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adidas Terrex Sting In Stirling

Saturday 18th August 2012

Race background - When London won the 2012 Olympic bid two of the UK's leading adventure race organisers, Nick Gracie and James Thurlow had the idea of creating a large expedition style Adventure Race in the UK to take place after the Olympics. 'The whole of the UK will be glued to the Olympics in the summer of 2012 and we want to give all those adventure athletes and adventure enthusiasts out there an athletic goal of their own for 2012.

The Race

The teams will be racing over five days in August 2012. The race will start and finish in Stirling.

With a distance of 500km for the full event it will be a big challenge to all the top teams, but one that should be achievable for ALL. With shortcuts available (approx 250km) for the novice or slower teams we hope everyone will enjoy the drama and excitement to be found in Scotland.

Good navigation is essential for the race, and you will be provided with detailed maps to follow. The race will include fell running, mountain biking, canoeing, orienteering and a few surprises taking you to those hidden gems. Attitude is everything, so be prepared for the unexpected.


Race Facts - 500km of PURE Adventure

Date - August 18th - 25th August 2012

Who - 4 person teams mixed (no support crew required) single sex teams can enter however they will be classed as non-comp

Where - Stirling, Scotland
Registration fees and dates - 1st Apr - 30th May £2,200 per team
1st Jun - 1st Jul £2,400 per team

Last refund 1st June 2012
Entries close 1st Jul 2012
Last amends 1st Aug 2012
Race time 4-5 days

Total race distance - 500 km (short course approx 250km)
Prizes Various Prizes from adidas / TERREX and other associated sponsors and friends.

Weather - It is the Summer Holidays, so should be sunny but you'll need to check out the forecast nearer the time.

Meeting Point - Stirling, Scotland


More details available at 


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