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Accapi Long Sleeve T Shirt 1/2 Zip

Accapi Long Sleeve T Shirt 1/2 Zip


Accapi Long Sleeve T Shirt 1/2 Zip -

The Accapi Nexus Action Long Sleeve 1/2 Zip T-Shirt takes advantage of the revolutionary Nexus fibre to give a comfortable and high performance item of underwear.


  • Made from 46% Nexus ES, 46% PE and 8% EA

  • Men’s specific, long sleeve design

  • 1/2 zip provides additional control over body temperature regulation

  • Ergonomic, comfortable fit

  • Improved body temperature regulation

  • High moisture wicking ability

  • Comfortable ‘dry’ feel

  • Low profile stitching

About Accapi Nexus Action Underwear

Accapi Nexus Action underwear is designed for those who prefer an ergonomic, yet loose-fitting design. Suitable for sporting activities at all levels, as well as during warm-down and rest, the weight and quality of the fabric maintains body temperature even during rest and periods of low activity. With each and every detail aimed at ensuring a high level of comfort, even during the most demanding activities, this range of underwear is also very effective at any other time of the day, and during training and recovery stages.

All Accapi Nexus underwear features the advantages offered by the unique, revolutionary and patented Nexus Energy Source (Nexus ES) fibre. Produced with three precious elements – platinum, titanium and aluminium – this fibre produces natural and constant infrared emissions that act on the body, improving blood circulation, especially peripheral micro-circulation. Nexus ES also supports the oxygenation of the muscles, the thermal regulation of the body and enhances waste removal during sporting activities and warm down.

RRP: £119.99

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