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DMM Ultra O Oval Plain Gate Karabiner

DMM Ultra O Oval Plain Gate Karabiner


At first sight the Ultra O looks like a historical remnant from 1970s (think: aid climbing, Yosemite Camp 4, bandanas and white flares).

Nostalgia is great but, we havenít made these oval straight gates out of any desire to relive times past. The Ultra O is a very practical biner that works exceptionally well in pulley systems (locking versions are also available for added security). It also has hot forged, I Beam panels to maximise the strength Ė weight balance of the biner.

Despite these practical advantages, most climbers will see it as the perfect racking biner. It can hold a large number of wires without the awkward bunching that tends to happen with a conventional asymmetric biner. The oval shape also means that the wires will slide round easily without snagging.


  • Clean nose oval straight gate biner

  • Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction

  • Very generous 9.75mm rope radius

  • Works well in pulley systems

  • Excellent aid climbing biner

  • Perfect racking biner

RRP: £7.50


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