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Accapi Bodyguard Undergloves

Accapi Bodyguard Undergloves


Train harder, recover faster and perform better with the Nexus Bodyguard Under Gloves:

  • Made from 70% Nexus fibres, 26% PA and 4% EA

  • Relieve pain and inflammation in the hands

  • Stimulate cutaneous microcirculation, helping those suffering from an excessive sensation of cold in the hands, and those who regularly experience pins and needles

  • Contain and reduce inflammation which may be due to excessive use of computers and similar machinery

  • Suitable for post-trauma rehabilitation

  • Improve blood circulation to the hands

  • Improves the elasticity of muscles, ligaments and tendons in the hands

  • Can be worn under normal gloves thanks to low profile design

About Nexus Bodyguard

Train harder, recover faster and perform better with Nexus Bodyguard: Orthapaedic supports with natural infrared emission. Nexus Bodyguard supports are made with the unique, revolutionary and patented Nexus Energy Source (Nexus ES) fibre.

Produced with three precious elements platinum, titanium and aluminium this fibre produces natural and constant infrared emission that act on the body, improving blood circulation, especially peripheral micro-circulation. Nexus ES also supports the oxygenation of the muscles and the thermal regulation of the body.

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