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Accapi Photonizer Bike

Accapi Photonizer Bike

Accapi Photonizer Bike -

A version of the Photonizer 4-14, designed specifically to be used with bike bottles.

Photonizer 4-14 is a revolutionary bottle cover, made using the exclusive Nexus fabric. Thanks to its constant natural emission of infrared rays, it has a beneficial effect on the properties of water and water-based liquids.

The effect of the Photonizer 4-14 bottle and flask cover on water and water-based liquids is very fast. Scientific studies demonstrate that the natural infrared emissions of Nexus fabric have an important effect on a litre of water just ten minutes from the moment the Photonizer is applied to the bottle. Liquids reach optimum and stable hydration levels at 30 minutes and these properties and maintained. When the Photonize is removed, it takes a further 30 minutes for liquids to return to their original state.

Benefits of Photonizer 4-14:

  • Improves the hydration of the body during training, competition and recovery

  • Speeds up and optimises the absorption and digestibility of nutrients contained in supplements (for example, salts)

  • Stimulates diuresis, resulting in a more rapid elimination of waste products

  • Tough resistant to knocks and abrasions

  • Weighs only a few grams

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