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Clif Bar Shot Bloks


CLIF® SHOT BLOKS® Electrolyte Chews are a semi-solid, easily chewable source of carbohydrates—your body's preferred source of fuel during activity—and electrolytes.Containing a 50/50 mix of simple and complex carbohydrates, 3 bloks provide the same energy as a traditional gel, but they are a lot simpler to use. These no mess - no fuss bloks are packed with carbohydrates and electrolytes but not with fat, and they are suitable for vegetarians, as Clif use carnuba wax in place of gelatine. They are available in 3 flavours , Orange having 25mg of caffeine for an extra boost.

They can be eaten 15-30 minutes prior to activity to increase blood sugar levels, and then every 20-30 minutes during activity to maintain energy levels. Keep in mind that Bloks will affect your blood sugar levels more slowly than gel since they are semi-solid. Always follow up with a mouthful of water.

Fastpak™ is the all new package unique to Bloks®. It provides an overall smaller package, so it fits better in jersey pockets, running shorts, and backpacks. It also opens easily and then allows for quick access just by squeezing up each Bloks one by one. Finally, the packaging reduction yielded a 33% reduction of packaging material.

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