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Coleman Fuel Half Litre

Coleman Fuel Half Litre

We are unable to deliver fuel, however, you can purchase these in advance and collect at the event to ensure availability.

Please select 'Collect at Event' from the delivery options on the next page and your fuel will be waiting for you at the OMM in the planetFear shop (if a carriage charge is shown, it will be refunded).  Please bring your email confirmation as this will be required for order identification.

LAST ORDER DATE FOR GAS/FUEL IS 9am Wednesday 26th - Fuel will be availale for sale at the OMM.

Also called white gas or camping fuel, you can't beat it for camping in the winter or at high altitude. Burns hot even at subzero temperatures. And unlike butane and propane, output doesn't falter as temperatures drop. Coleman® Fuel is very refined, and burns hotter and cleaner than other liquid fuels. It's relatively inexpensive and not difficult to come by. By carrying the fuel in small refillable fuel bottles, you don't have the disposal considerations you do with empty propane or butane cylinders. But unlike appliances that use those fuels, you do need to fill liquid-fuel appliances. And for steady output, they need to be pumped occasionally to maintain pressure within the fuel tank.

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