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DMM Bulldog Ice Anchor

DMM Bulldog Ice Anchor


Time was that winter climbers would search out ice smears; these days it is frozen turf that provides the key to most new mixed routes. Turf may provide secure pick placements, but often there are precious few rock runners to be found. In these situations the Bulldog may provide the only available protection, especially if the turf is too shallow for warthogs.

The Bulldog doubles as peg substitute too; it even works well in constricted ice placements.

We’ve fitted it with a double sling for quick and easy extension. There is also a handy notch to aid removal.

Top tip: The Bulldog has a similar profile to the pick of a technical tool. So place it in one of your previous pick placements before hammering it home.


  • Versatile winter climbing protection hook

  • Fitted with a double extension 11mm Dyneema sling

RRP: £22.49

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