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DMM Raptor Alpine Mountaineering Axe at planetFear

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DMM Raptor Alpine Mountaineering Axe

DMM Raptor Alpine Mountaineering Axe


A versatile tool for mountaineering, winter walking and classic climbs.

Developed in conjunction with guides and mountaineering instructors, the Raptor is a classic tool that is built to last. The aggressive alpine picks deal easily with steep couloirs, ridges, glacier work and yet are still effective at self-arrests. The full size hammer and adze can cope with everything from cutting steps to chopping ledges, from bashing pegs to digging out belays. The gently curved shaft allows extra clearance whilst swinging and daggering, yet does not hinder hammering, step cutting, or plunging the tools.


  • Hot forged ergonomic handle

  • T Rated Integrity Construction

  • Can be fitted with the Fly pick sets for more technical terrain

  • Supplied with Chokehold Leash

RRP: 109.99


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