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Finish Line Grunge Brush Starter Kit

Finish Line Grunge Brush Starter Kit

Finish Line

  • Starter Kit 1-2-3, includes Grunge brush degreaser and lube

  • Hard-wearing brush designed for super-fast cleaning of chains and other bike components

  • Double ended design with specific chain cleaner at one end and longer bristle brush at the other

  • Longer brush can be used to clean derailleur's, jockey wheels, chainsets, between cassette sprockets, etc

  • Clean prior to lubing for assured smooth operation of your drivetrain

  • Dip brush into degreaser before use for maximum cleaning potential

  • Includes 4 oz bottle of EcoTech 2 cleaner and degreaser

  • Also includes a 2 oz bottle of Cross country wet lube

  • Super-durable synthetic ingredients create a high viscosity lube that protects and lubricates parts for longer

  • Proven performance for long rides, muddy off-road conditions and long rainy commutes

  • The synthetic oils used are non-toxic and biodegradable

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