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SiS GO Energy 50g Sachet - Blackcurrent

SiS GO Energy 50g Sachet - Blackcurrent




Fully energize your performance

Fuel up


Improve performance

The choice to give you extra energy during exercise.

Ideal for long workouts, carbo-loading or when you need that extra boost. PSP22 is very versatile and can be used at high concentrations to give you the ultimate energy drink. PSP22 should be your choice for a fast and sustained energy boost. Versatile enough for use before, during or after exercise.

High grade maltodextrin provides glucose polymers which keep the energy high and the osmolality low - putting less pressure on the stomach Fructose helps maximise energy delivery as it’s absorbed using a different mechanism than glucose.

Only Natural Flavours are used which give a clean refreshing taste

Versatile carbohydrate source with special glucose polymers and fructose and Natural Flavours

Before – Use before as an easy way to take on board low bulk carbohydrate for carbo-loading and boosting the carbohydrate in pre-exercise meals

During – Use as a power packed drink during exercise to energize your performance

After – Use after exercise to re-fuel hungry muscles

multiple energy sources - to maximize energy supply to muscle and liver

light on the stomach - can be taken at high concentrations for maximum energy

great taste - range of clean flavours that work during the most demanding sessions

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