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SiS GO Bar Apple Blackcurrant

SiS GO Bar Apple Blackcurrant


Combining a scientific approach with natural ingredients to meet the nutritional challenges of athletes.

Convenient - Fast - Naturally nutritious

GO-Bars were created out of the desire to provide a healthy, nutritious and delicious snack thatís ideal for athletes and people with active lifestyles. All the existing energy bars seemed to be made from over-processed gloop, with added synthetic vitamins in the hope of making them healthy again.

We searched out nature's richest sources of the relevant nutrients that we could combine to create a great tasting, naturally nutritious snack.

  • Every GO-Bar is packed with fruit †- the equivalent of about two whole portions of fruit from your 5 a day.

  • Every GO-Bar is made on our own dedicated production line, so we know everything that goes in. We combine real fruit and fruit juices with cereals and soya nuggets to create a chewy textured bar.

  • Organic Oats - †To avoid unwelcome contaminants we have sourced organic oats since 2002.

  • Natural Fruit Juice - Concentrated grape juice is the prime basis of our bars - so much so it takes 65g of whole grape juice to produce a 65g bar!

  • Soya Protein - soya is a great source of protein, naturally high in Glutamine which is particularly important for recovery and adaptation to exercise.

  • Soya lecithin - lecithin is a key building block of cell membranes and protects them from oxidation.

  • Calcium Lactate - one of the highest bio-available forms of calcium, is found naturally on the surface of cheese. In order to keep our bars vegan friendly we use calcium lactate derived from combining Lactic Acid with Calcium Carbonate (think White Cliffs of Dover).

  • RRP: £1.20

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