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Moon Warrior Crash Pad

Moon Warrior Crash Pad

Moon's new pads use the highest quality closed-cell and open-cell foams; ultra hardwearing ballistic nylon fabric; lightweight MOON-logoed aluminum buckles, and padded shoulder straps. This amazing pad is improved for 2010 with three independent sections of foam enclosed in plastic sheeting to improve longevity. The separate sheets of foam alow it to fold more easily without crushing or stretching the foam, but the impact resistance is as good as ever.

All MOON pads feature our innovative “reverse fold” system, folding taco style to provide a surface with no creases and with the landing surface folding to the outside. In this “reverse fold,” the up-side with the firm foam also has the carry straps. When you shoulder your MOON pad after using it over muddy ground, the lower (dirty) surface of the pad folds in, saving your clothes, your car seats, or your mother’s carpet, from that dirt you’ve been throwing it into all day long.

On the landing surface, a sturdy flap (now covered with auto-upholstery fabric  to double as a foot wipe), covers the shoulder straps so you won’t trip on them, but it also keeps the carry area free of dirt, even if the pad is flipped over. Neatly, the same flap turns back down and around, exposing the straps while wrapping the lower end of the pad to secure your gear in carry mode.


Named in honor of Mars the warrior planet (you see the theme here?). The Warrior measures 130 x 100 x 9.5 cm or 51 x 40 x 4 inches, and is an amazingly light 4.3kg or 9.5lbs.

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