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Petzl Myo XP

Petzl Myo XP

Powerful headlamp, 4 lighting levels, Boost mode and Wide Angle lens.

The MYO XP headlamp was developed for high-level performance. To do this, it uses a high-output LED, a Wide Angle lens, three constant lighting levels and a flashing mode. This headlamp provides powerful lighting that can be adapted to the situation and the activity. The Wide Angle lens option is useful for instantly switching between long-range and proximity lighting. If necessary, it is possible to occasionally increase the light output to 150 lumens with the Boost mode (to locate a person, a car, etc.). To efficiently manage battery life, this headlamp comes with a battery charge indicator light.

High-output lighting:

- 150 lumens (Boost mode), 85 lumens (maximum level)

- shines up to 97 meters (Boost mode)

Headlamp can adapt to your lighting needed:

- ability to adapt the light’s brightness to the activity: three lighting levels

(maximum, optimum, economic)

- Wide Angle lens allows to quickly switch from flood beam proximity lighting to focused long-distance lighting in a single movement

- Boost mode increases power if needed, while optimizing energy consumption and weight (175 g including batteries)

- with flashing mode

- perfect for endurance-oriented activities: 180 h light duration at economic level

- light body is tiltable to direct the light beam where needed

Comfortable and stable:

- compact design

- adjustable elastic headband

- top strap included (not attached) for increased stability if needed Reliable and durable:

- battery charge indicator light: warns when the batteries are 70 % and 90 % discharged

- switches are protected from accidental operation when light body is in upright position

- bulb does not need to be replaced

- water resistant for all-weather use

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