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Petzl Power Crunch Chalk Bag at planetFear

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Petzl Power Crunch Chalk Bag

Petzl Power Crunch Chalk Bag


NEW: Petzl's POWERCHALK is now available in three convenient sizes (25g, 100g, and 200g) for every climber. The small 25g size is the perfect amount to fill your bag or store a spare in your pack as a refill at the crag. The 100g will fill a chalk bag multiple times and the 200g is ideal for those with chalk hungry hands who never seem to have enough chalk to get through a tough summer day of climbing.

  • A mix of chalk chunks and powder that helps reduce dust

  • Easy opening bags

  • The 200g size has a re-sealable closure and will stand up on its own making it easier to fill a chalkbag

RRP: 4.50


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